Custom Seo Rule For My Custom Blog In Cscart Website

I am developing blog functionality under our existing cs-cart website [b][url=“”]http://localhost/cscart[/url][/b] which is running under cs-cart v3.06.

I want my blog URL should be [b][url=“http://localhost/cscart/blog/”]http://localhost/cscart/blog/[/url][/b]

blog archives URL should be like http://localhost/cscart/blog/2015/02/

blog archives post URL should be like http://localhost/cscart/blog/2015/02/natural-herbal-care/

blog categories URL should be like http://localhost/cscart/blog/category/tablets-and-supplements/adrenal-support/

Currently I am getting the blog related pages like



Now what changes I have to do and in which files I have to change to achieve the SEO URL for the blog pages as mentioned in abovetop urls.

Please let me know any solution to achieve seo url for my custom blog.