Custom search menu

Hi guys…

I’m absolute rookie on CS Cart and I’m trying to create a customized search!

I want it to consist of 3 fields: one for location, one for categories and one for subcategories (based on the category choise). And one field where the user can write what he’s looking for.

I’ve got two questions:

  1. Do I have to create a whole new search, or would it be better to use the one CS Cart already has and just customize the queries?
  2. I’m trying to figure out how this addon thing works. For the “template” of the search I’ll be using the XML file for the fields I need or the .tpl file??

    Thanks in advance :)

Look into using 'filters' which will give you a cascading approach to drilling into your products. Just do a Google search for 'cs-cart filters'.

Can these filters be used with the search engine of cs cart, based on choises given from a drop-down menu?

Let's say I use the search engine of cs-cart and filter it with the values of “location” and “sub-category”…

You could use the advanced search [url=“”][/url]

I need it on a block on my homepage!

The search must consist of:

  1. Dropdown menu (category)
  2. Dropdown menu (subcategory of the category choosen above)
  3. Dropdown menu (location)
  4. Textfield (search token)

    So I definately need a custom template, but I still haven’t figured out how I can make it function… :(