Custom Product Template?

I’m building my first Cs-cart and I having some issues trying to figure out the best way to build a complex product. My product is going to have multiple options similar to this screenshot.

I tried building this product as a configurable product but quickly ran into issues with not being able to display product options for the configurations. The Only way I think I could do this through configurations would be to add all the options as hidden products, then add them individually.

My Current workaround is to build this using Global Options. Which is working Okay for now, but I can see this being a pain to setup and manage.

Are There any other options as far as building custom product templates with predefined global options? It would be nice if I could build a template with all those options (including sections with descriptions ) then just apply that template to the product categories. Is this possible?

Also is there any way to add sections for options? Right now, I’m just using CSS to modify the look of the comment so they act as section headers. This works but is not ideal. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)


Did you try product options at product level? You can add forms, etc. there. I used it to make a website for customizable books.

A custom template, I guess it should be possible. You could ask cs-cart, or one of the developers that are around on this forum.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I think i've just settled with using global options. I can use a mix of css and jquery to stylize it the way i want without too much fuss with creating a custom template. I wish there was a way to have custom html placed into the options as well. Similar to the description field, but not a tool tip.