Custom Product Template

Has anyone ever made a custom product template (i.e. the actual product page with the price and tabs, etc)? If so what is the best way to create a custom one? I found the actual .tpl files and I pretty much just need to flip the tabs up with the pricing info (or something like that) but I have never messed around with that before and thought I would ask for suggestions!



What do you mean by “flip the tabs up”? Do you mean you want the tabs open by default? If so, there is a setting to do so.

No, sorry I meant literally moving the tabs from below the main product image and price, etc. and putting the tabs to the right of the image and moving the price, sku, etc down below to where the tabs used to be (or something like that). I really just want to move the elements around so it's not exactly like a standard layout (client is picky).