Custom Printable Forms

I have CS-Cart but have not used it in areal long time.

Does CS-Cart Allow for creating custom templates for printable forms.

I want to be able to desing a custom forms that displays only specified data of the order and send it to my suppier. i don’t want the supplier to see all the customers order info just the dimenions with my business logo.

are there a list of tags that can be used in the templates? Can the templates be assigned to specific customer orders.

Another is a custom design packing slip.

I’m not quite clear on your requirements. Are you trying to sell “custom forms”? Or, do you want to customize the invoice template that is sent to the supplier?


I would like to customize invoice templates and create new templates. Such as custom packing slip templates, custom order forms that may only be used internally and not customer facing.

CS-Cart does have specific templates for print and email - and specific versions of those for the customer and supplier. Look in /skins/yourskin/mail/orders/ - you can customized these to your requirements.

You can see examples of them from the Admin/Orders. Click on an order and look for the Print Invoice and Print Packing Slip links.