custom page SEO

i’m not sure if same post exists, sorry about repeating it in case,

i have created custom page and the url is


i want it to make seo friendly, like this


i changed .htaccess file and i added

RewriteRule ^seo-friendly.html$ index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=10

at the very bottom of the file

but no luck

any help to make custom page seo friendly?

Select “Addons” then put want you want in the SEO box.




i had it inside my add tab but for some reason it did not work, but i tried with .html extension

its working :slight_smile:

You rock :slight_smile:

thank u so much

hi again,

i have encounter with new problem since i’ve created new page with blocks in it

all my old pages are gone blank,

though i’ve figured it out, i have to enable Blocks inside

Content - > pages → each page name → Blocks tab

i manged to get back about us, faq etc pages but

now my question is how do i add form for contact us page? using blocks

any help?

i tried Add Form inside pages for contact us form, but had no luck

What happened to the original “Contact us” page? If you go to Content->Pages there should be about 4 pages already there.

yes pages are there but they dont show anything, except seo-friendly.html page

the original contact us page was there untill i created seo-friendly.html page,

i managed to get content for “about us” by creating block inside

Design → Blocks → Pages

as “HTML Block” and entering text there and then

enabling it thru

Content - > pages → each page name → Blocks tab

but now i want contact us form, not sure how to get it

Thank you…you’ve got me confused now.

In Content->Pages, do you or do you not have a “Contact us” page? If you do, edit it. If you don’t, select “Add form” at he bottom of the page and make you one.

Edit: A link would definitely help.

sorry for not being elaborated and specific

anyway i have contact us page In Content->Pages

the contact us link shows inside company tab on site but the page is blank,

what i did is,

i disabled contact us page and created new page using add form button then used form builder and named it “contact us new”

but even new page shows blank

hope i’m not confusing now

Delete /var/cache/ and /var/compiled/ and let us know the results.

i tried what u have instructed me to do

no luck

i created new form, it does not show on the site :frowning:

Is your .htaccess back to the original? If not, do it. If so, uninstall then install the SEO addon and delete files mentioned above.

my .htaccess is back to original

should i also delete seo-friendly page? all the pages?

i uninstalled SEO addon then installed it again

i deleted contact us and about us pages,

created them again but still no use

Do the pages work with SEO turned off? If so, you need to check with your host to make sure mod_rewrite is enabled.

I meant the /var/cache an /var/compiled in my last post.

yes pages work with seo turned off, of course with query string

and my mod_rewrite is enabled i think,

i checked it under

Administrator ->Database->php Information

it shows inside loaded modules section

new /var/cache and /var/compiled folders are created after deleting previously

i followed these steps

  1. i uninstalled SEO addon
  2. i removed all the blocks from Design->blocks->Pages (except default)
  3. i deleted /var/cache and /var/compiled folders
  4. i deleted all the pages from Content->pages tab
  5. i created fresh about us page with description


    No Luck

    anything can you suggest, i’m trying to do everything from the beginning

Do any of your pages work with SEO enabled? If not, it’s a mod_rewrite issue. If so, it’s either a bug or something you edited incorrectly.


i removed contact us form and now using email link on my page about us page to contact

anyway thank you for ur help, nothing seems to worked for me

it is ok, we are ok with email link on tha page.

btw i still need help

this is different from my above problem

is it possoible for me to add order id to my product name when it sends to paypal?


#123-my 1st product name

#124-my 2nd product name etc.?