Custom Oauth2 Provider

Dear all,

I'm currently evaluating different multi vendor solutions and CS-Cart seems to be one of the best choice for me. But there could be a show stopper here: I cannot find any documentation nor plug-in which would allow us to authenticate users using a custom OAuth2 provider: did I missed something ?



This can be done custom. We did it for a Computer-based Training Company where we need SSO through Oauth2 so courses could be purchased and then have them jump back and forth between the store and the app itself.

CS-Cart's add-on just deals with Oauth and not Oauth2 from what I remember. It was mainly a social login client.

Happy to discuss if you still have the need.

Thomas Granger, CEO, FDG Web
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If you need this exclusively for your own site, you can implement the Oauth2 implementation yourself (or hire a developer to do so) within your own site. If you are trying to sell a 3rd party integration addon that utilizes Oauth2, then the solution gets more complicated. However we had to do it for our Squarepay addon. It gets even trickier when the Oauth token has an expiration time and you want to keep it current (I.e. for a payment provider).