Custom mod request for product detail display

I have a custom mod request for the product detail display area. We do not want to have the tab features for the different sections (Description, Images, Send to friend, Review). We would like it to display similar to the site here: [url]

As you can see, it does not use tabs to display information. A few things to point out.

  1. Thumbnail images should appear BELOW the main product detail image. In the reference site, it appears to the right.

  2. Upon rollover of the thumbnail images, a larger image should appear in the main product image area. Please note that we would still like to have the popup image functionality.

  3. The main product image that is displayed on the product detailed display should be a different size (width and height) then the thumbnails. This should be configurable via the admin.

  4. The product description should appear below the ‘Add to Cart’ area.

  5. The ‘Send to friend’ feature should be directly below the main product image and above all the product thumbnail images. When a user clicks on this link/image, it should bring up a pop-up box with the ‘Send to friend’ feature.

  6. The ‘Related Products’ section should appear in the same location as the reference site (called ‘To Finish the Look’ in the reference site).

  7. The ‘Reviews’ section should be displayed directly below the ‘Related Products’ section.

    If you are interested in this project, please email me your quote and development timeframe to vchau at Thanks in advance.

The cs-cart modders are not interested in this project ?:rolleyes:

I would like to see this too! extra images shouldn’t be a separate tab. It is too easy for customers to miss. I keep getting a lot of questions about “extra images” and I have to direct them to the tab!!

self serving bump! … anyone??