Custom Menu And Activate Menu Tab Drill Down?

I found a couple of old threads from people with this same issue, but no real resolution or solution. I am creating a custom menu to use instead of the stock dynamic main menu and I cannot seem to get the "Activate menu tab for" to work for the appropriate category that the product is in.


I have numerous top level menu items that if I give them the "products.view" dispatch value to activate on it actives on ANY product view (even if it isn't in that category). I turned back on the dynamic menu and that one works correctly.

My question is how can I drill down the dispatch value for a specific category's products? Is it possible?

I have attached images to hopefully help better explain what I am seeing.



Did you try to leave the values empty?

Yes, and I also tried using categories.view and nothing activated when left blank and when using the category dispatch it only activated on a category page (I’m assuming all will activate like the products.view when on a category page using that dispatch, but I haven’t tested that).