Custom Main Menu Gives "404" For Product Categories

I have a problem with using a custom menu as a “top-menu” instead of default top menu which shows cs-cart category tree.

What I want is to add pages - such as “home”, “about us” etc. to the product categories, to be displayed together in a main menu.

That itself is no problem, it has been asked about and explained on this forum many times.

However, in my case all the products and categories are for registered user groups, which means they cannot be accessed by visitors unless they sign in first.

I have created a custom menu and added categories as well as pages to it. I have then replaced the “top-menu” (default one) with my custom menu in layouts > blocks, as it was suggested.

All the product categories are visible to non-logged in visitors, and when you click on any category from the menu, it comes as “404 error”. If you are logged in however, it works normally as it should and the category with products is displayed.

This is not the case with the default top-menu, and shop categories are not visible in the menu unless you login first.

How can I create a main menu that shows only pages (i.e. “about us”, “FAQ’s” etc.) to all visitors, and displays product categories only when you are logged in?

This was easily done in previous versions of the CS-CART where you could create the top menu manually, but it seems to be a problem now.

Am I missing something? Has anyone encountered the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

We can offer you to use our Additional Block Settings module to specify block availability for user groups

[quote name='eComLabs' timestamp='1436346571' post='222032']

We can offer you to use our Additional Block Settings module to specify block availability for user groups


Thank you for your offer, but I don't think it would make any difference since the menu needs to include pages (which are not restricted to any group) and product categories - which are restricted.

Besides, this is something that should work out of the box in default CS-CART. It has worked in previous versions, I am upgrading client's website from v2.2.4 which has a top menu with mix of both.

So either I am missing something and can't work it out how to do it, or there is a bug in the software. Normally you wouldn't expect the software to go backwards in features when it gets upgraded to new versions.

I was hoping that someone on this forum has encountered the same issue and could provide the answer, but if not, I guess I'll have to submit a support ticket to CS-Cart team and see what they have to say.

Thank you eCom labs for your reply and offer.

If it has worked before, we suggest you to contact CS-Cart support team. Thank you.