Custom form send to customer

I am trying to get an automated out of stock notification to our customers.

We take many orders via telephone etc and then check stock, if the product is unavailable I want our guys got to our website and fill in a form similar to screenshot attached.[attachment=4685:stock.JPG]

When our guys fill out the form I would like the info and html etc all sent to the customer as it looks now, then they have a choice whether they click accept etc, it sends the answers in the form back to our contact email.

Any help is appreciated





I'd suggest you do this mostly outside the cart forms builder. Reason is that it's pretty wired into sending mail to the “customer” only and in the Admin panel you're not in the context of the customer.

You will also need some quick autoresponders for your two buttons. Something like:




(os = Out of Stock shorthand). Both would send the response to your 'orders departmennt' email address with the order_id referenced and maybe with a link created to the actual order to edit.