Custom Fields on Product Listing Page

Hi I made my own custom fields base on features, I want it like this

The goal of this is, I want the user to select brand → color → size relation on db
the question is how?

brand ,color and size is one database table on cscart_product_feature_variant_descriptions
how to identify its relation?


@ecomlabs hoping you can Enlighted me with this :slight_smile:

The relation can be made by name, but we do not recommend this since there can by differences like ‘23’, ‘23"’, '23 ', etc

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I see, btwy @ecomlabs is there a hook available on cscart that pulls the fn hook {$group} value for variants? and only accept parameter product_id, ?

because Im trying to override manage.override.tpl and calling it on the shipping page with this
{include file=“addons/product_modification/overrides/manage.override.tpl” object=$product_data input_name=“product_data” allow_save=true object_type=“P” object_id=$product_data.product_id} this values are available , only the group is missing,

What do you mean by $group variable? Please clarify

@ecomlabs the goal is I want to override product_variations addon manage.tpl

and product_variations is not define on

So I try to override the addon using this path

we manage the overridden ,the problem is missing value of the $group (variation group) on manage.pre.tpl.

the other tab show $group on manage.tpl (variation group)

Sorry, it is required to examine your code directly

@ecomlabs my missing value is $group , this is what I pass {include file=“views/manage.override.tpl” object=$product_data input_name=“product_data” allow_save=true object_type=“P” object_id=$product_data.product_id}

@ecomlabs we have a license hoping you have time to check our code thanks

We can do it on the paid basis. As alternative, you can contact CS-Cart support team