Custom Field For Product Information


We want to add a custom field called “Fragile” for our products so that we can use alternate methods while shipping - all the glass products etc. They would need proper packaging etc.

For this distinction we want to add this field.

Table: products

I have figured out that part will add a field as well as -

field - fragile of type char(1)

with default value ‘N’

But I need help on the files for where this field will be displayed on backend / Frontend etc.

If some one can please highlight the same to me .Thanks.

I suggest you to check the built-in Age verification module:

Clip2Net — screen capture tool for Windows, Android, iPad, Mac, Linux

It already has similar feature and you can use it as an example

Thanks Ecom but this plugin seems complex to me ,

We just simply need a field for Fragile to be put on the General Tab of Product Detail page which should be unchecked by Default. We have already added the field in DB

We want to show the user if the Item is Fragile on the Frontend as well.

If you can guide me to the file where i can place this code in backend it would be great.