Custom Development Discount + Free Full-Page Cache By Varnish 5+ Add-On. Hosting With Benefits.

Get 10% discount on custom development and free Full-Page Cache by Varnish 5+ add-on with any AWS Cloud hosting annual plan

AWS Cloud is the hosting that aims to help ecommerce businesses grow. Migrate your website to AWS Cloud hosting and start saving 10% on each custom development order until the last day of your contract. Extend your subscription with another annual plan purchase and continue saving your development budget. This discount will not accumulate with other promotions. If multiple promotions will be available to you, you will only be eligible to receive the largest option.

To help your business grow even faster you will also get an add-on for CS-Cart – Full-Page Cache by Varnish 5+ absolutely free! The add-on will help to significantly increase your website load speed for better ranking and conversion.

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Stay away from Full-Page Cache By Varnish 5+ Add-On and other cs-cart's Marketplace Performance booster addon!
Both plugins generate cache tags based on the table names used for products and categories.
ver uses the same tags on every cached page, for example, you have cached a thousand product pages. All cache tags are the same.
When you make an update on any product, such as price/stock. because that tag has changed, it drops all caches that use that tag. that is, it deletes the other 999 products from the cache.
A complete fraud! both plugins do not work