Custom Design in 1 Category Only

Hi Everyone,

A CS Cart user for a few years now, but always have someone else handle the programming and such. But I have a simple task (I think it is simple?) that I would like to do.

Not only do we own Milezone.Com but we also have Diecast64.Com. We are soon to close, and transferring all products to 1 category in the Milezone.Com site. But we would like to keep the Diecast64 name and look within the milezone site.

Is there a way to do this and to design just a category (and it's sub categories) to almost look and feel like another site with design? I am not using the new versions, just dont like the workings of them

I am a bit rookie on programming and such but if I see a template or such I might be able to handle it?



It is entirely possible, however, if you always have somebody else handling your programming things, I would leave this up to them. It's not an 'easy' or simple task by any means and does require quite a bit of custom coding, but still entirely feasible.

This worked in previous versions. The files are different in the current release, but you can use the concept as a start to do the same in your release. It checks for a category_id and then loads a specific template based on that category.