Custom collections of products?

Categories are essentially collections of products under the same categories. What I want is custom / casual collections of products. For SEO, I need a lot of such keyworded pages. For example, I have “Wedding Dresses” category that contains all wedding dresses, but there are other keywords such as “simple wedding dresses”, “beach wedding dresses”, “simple elegant wedding dresses” that I want to create as pages that contain wedding dress products.

Such as this store has them: Tag List : O -

This is very essential in SEO. I can't add these keyworded phrases as categories because there are TOO MANY of them and it would confuse the customers because the categories would be much too bloated with unnecessary entries.

I wanted to achieve this by tags, but cs-cart tags don't have SEO friendly URLs. And I can't add text content to tags page as I can with category pages.

Can you please enlighten me how I can do this in cs-cart?

Im not 100% sure I understand but adding features to each one then using Sno rockets shop by features may help,

You can assign seo names to each product, but dunno how searchable etc they are.

You can also have it just display text like your link or as imageslike mine here.