Custom Blocks

In starting to play with the new block objects, I find them very nice in how they can be dragged/dropped to various positions, etc.

I was wondering if there is a way to:

  1. Define the size (either fixed or relative)
  2. Have it be generic whereby I could simply insert a

{include file="myBlock.tpl" var1=$var1 var2=$var2 x="100%" y="80"}

This would make them really useful for including things like comparison tables and/or other information without having to change the layout of the higher-level template. Right now, they are tied to other object types like products, ads, categories, etc. Having a plain/generic block would be quite useful.

Should be able to put graphics or flash in these blocks and position them wherever I want on a particular page.

Just curious if anyone has done this yet and/or if it’s a planned feature of 2.0.


When CS 2.0 goes stable their will be a developers manual that explains how to build addons / modifications ect…

I understand that. I was just wondering if there either was a way (or will be a way) to define custom blocks that will fit into the current page layout paradigm.