Custom blocks cannot have hooks?

Hey guys, I created a custom block: addons/banners/rotator.tpl. I added it to the structure file and it works. However I tried to place a hook tag around it and added a hook under my_changes accordingly with rotator.override.tpl. However it will not use the hook.

The hook name I used (which surrounded the code) was {hook name=“addons:banners:rotator”} and I placed the hook file in my_changes/addons/banners/rotator.override.tpl. It will not use the one in my_changes. Other hooks are working though for non custom blocks.

Thanks for the help,


It is an html block. Hence the content is read after the “template” for the block has been processed.

You would have to add your hook to the block directly (template file), not to the content of the block.