Current state of performance and XHTML for CS-Cart?

I have several sites hosted on shared hosts and my sites are running good, of course switching to a dedicated host would significantly boost performance but it would also cost $200+ more a month, I can’t answer the xhtml question but I can tell you the next version will be released within 1.5-2 weeks and that is it loaded with a ton of new addons, to name just a few addons, reward points, returns, re-pay, css skin, promotions, import/export, suppliers, listmania, testimonials, SEO urls and much much more…

[quote name=‘Unregistered’] My concerns… what is the current status of the performance issues I have read about in this forum, and the CSS/DIV XHTML conversion of your product? When is this next release coming?


you can check out the beta version of it at

Even tho I never had a problem with performance, but the new beta is a bit faster on loading pages ect… in the beta I installed

the new version should be out in the next two weeks, but cs cart will release it “when it’s ready” I hope they release a solid version and take their time

but I chose cs cart because of the support, they back their product up and if you need something customized they can do it