Currency Symbols

Silly question, but I'm sure someone else out there has this issue...

If I have two currencies that use the same symbol ($ = USA and Canada), the different currency icons at the top of the front page are the same and there's no way to differentiate them for customers. What does everyone else do for this issue?

There should be a different option for the currency option and the symbol itself. Or is there and I haven't found it?

(Attached a picture of the two currencies on the front page.)



you can add a new currency and change the symbols to suit, see both inks

Thanks for your reply.

I know how to change the symbols, but I just find it silly that there's no option to only change the currency-selection icons. I'd rather it say USD & CAD at the top, but only have the "$" sign (without CAD) beside my products.

Oh well. It's not a deal-breaker, but just kind of annoying. I can do a temp fix in the .tpl files instead for now.

Thanks for your help.