Currency Problem


I’ve just started using your cart system and have already found a glitch.

When I select GBP via the front-end and go to another page it keeps reverting back to USD. Why is this? It should keep the option I selected.

I have cookies, sessions, etc enabled.

I just tested this on a normal 2.0.14 install of the cart I have and the currency remains whatever I select regardless of how many pages I go to. Try a different browser on your site to see if you have the same issue. If you do, then try your browsers on the CS Cart demo store to see if it is there too. This should tell you if it is your one browser settings or your installation of cs cart.

I’m also using the normal 2.0.14 install.

Browser: Firefox (version 3.6.3)

It happens on the online storefront demo also.

I tried testing in IE and also have the same problem.

Basically what I do is go to the storefront, select “£” as opposed to “$”, then click on an item such as “HP iPAQ hx2415 Pocket PC” and when the page loads it reverts back to “$”.

Weird, huh?

Is no one else having this problem?

I’m curious as to what might be causing it. Especially as I intend to use this software.

The demo [url]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days works fine in FF3.6.3 and IE7 as well. Must be something in your browser settings (like Java Script…).