Currency Issues


I have just installed cs-cart community and begun working through the edits to make it match my needs. What i expected to be a simple dropdown change for currency has turned out not to be the case.

I have searched both forums here and google and drawn a bit of a blank as i cant find anyone with the same issue, no screenshots of the process which match what i am seeing. I go to the Administration menu at the top and choose currencies. That is fine, but the page it shows me does not seem to match anyone elses.

All it shows me is US Dollars. There is no ‘add’ button and if i try to edit the dollars entry it wont let me. In all the other screenshots i have seen for currency, people either have loads of countries already listed or at the very least, an add button. I have attached my own screenshot to show what i am seeing.

Any advice much appreciated as this is a rather large and early stumbling block

Many thanks



It's more than likely due to being CE which is limited. It is strange though that you cannot change the primary currency.

I have now manually added GBP £ as a currency by inserting a new record in my database.

I also had to use this method to disable the US and to change UK to primary. So … the database shows UK is now primary and USD is disabled. When i load up my site, we’re looking good with the £ icon and so on, however when i go to the admin settings it does not display correctly and gives me some nonsense about "Warning Currency exchange rate should be higher than 0. " which is odd because it is set to 1.000 as its my primary (according to the database at least) it also wont let me save a Name to it. As a test i tried deleting the disabled USD entry and that gives me a bunch of weird code errors.

I have concerns that despite the apparent fix on the frontend, this is ultimately going to cause issues on the backend with transactions possibly still trying to use USD or something.

Found a couple of folks who have had this issue and put it down to being the free version, although i cant really fathom that as its a crazy feature to lock for the sake of a free and paid version

The product page does state: “This free online shopping cart edition retains the full power of our CS-Cart ecommerce engine and includes all basic features to cover the needs of a small ecommerce website.” Which is possibly in need of amending to include … as long as you want to use it in the US

I submitted a ticket but read that as im not using paid version, response will either be slow or non-existent. I planned to use community at the start to get used to the software and workings etc then upgrade at a later date to match business growth and requirements.

If the entry-level setup is not readily useable and the support is only for paid versions surely that drives a wedge between attracting new custom?

I do like the look of cs-cart in general though and so i’m hoping its just a random bug and itcan be resolved :)

Good day all

If you have a single currency, and it is designated as the primary currency then all transactions will be performed in that currency.

Well, contrary to what i read, i have received a response to my ticket and it turns out it is a bug. I have been given advice on what to edit and where within the code.

Going to make the changes now and hopefully we’lll be cooking on gas again :)

Community edition definately allows adding of currencies,


So why not post the solution to the bug to save others the headache of having to wait for it to happen to them?