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I would like to share with everyone about MOD for auto currency exchange in your shops, so you dont need to update manually anymore. I bought it from [B][U]TopCoderPro[/U][/B] ( on this forum search for user name [COLOR="Red"][B]smavtron[/B][/COLOR] ) immediately after they made available. Initially after download I had a lot of problems with the MOD to install as Im not an expert. Once it has been done it still didnt work. Believe me, these guys are amazing. We exchanged emails one after another 2 days!! Yes, they tried hard to help me to make this work. When they had a break I was informed about it, so I knew I wont receive any emails for next 6h. With their help I have finally my currency everyday up to date automatically. In addition to this, my host team Lunarpages responded immediately as well by providing me with correct path and here I am…happy client who wasn`t left alone with a problem. I was provided through out whole process like a child, not just Buy and Bye:smiley:

THANK YOU :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

P.S. after upgrade to 1.3.5 SP2 this MOD still works without any problems

Can I ask roughly how much this MOD costs?

I have a few clients that love the multiple currencies option but then lose interest when I tell them it has to be manually administered.

Many thanks

I paid US$30 but later found on their website much lower price. I think it was 15 or even 9. Sorry, but I don`t remember their website name. You have to search this forum or ask on forum user name [COLOR=“Red”]smavtron[/COLOR]

found their website but it seems they are not in business at the moment


Ok, thank you for looking. I will keep an eye on that URL.

I found this:

[url]Search results

Fantastic. Thank you very much.

You can get the free at

Hello Miralces,

[quote name=‘miracles’]You can get the free at[/QUOTE]


Where exactly?

Thank you,

Lee Li Pop

Sorry i find the Currency Converter