Currency Bug Rounding Up to Whole dollars

Hello CS Cart Community

Have been a using a very old version of CS cart 2.1.1 for many years and recently decided to transition to a newer version with a clean install of the Free Cart to begin with to evaluate the current version.

Initially disappointed to see that “minimum Quantity” and “Quantity Steps” is missing from the base cart set up and also no ability to add “User Groups”, they seem like fairly basic requirements for any store to operate and although it is not specifically detailed in the price info I presume you have to pay the standard fee of $1350 to get those features which seems like a hefty amount just to regain some very basic features that were available in our 10 year old version of CS Cart.

I have also discovered a Currency bug, after deleting all other currencies and creating an AUD currency and setting it as the primary currency I discover that on the product listing the cart Rounds up all prices to whole dollars e.g. $14.95 becomes 15 (without dollar symbol).

Setting the “Alternative currency display format:” to “Show prices in default and selected currencies” then displays the price as $ 14.95 (15), THIS even though the store has only one currency and it is also set as the default. So it seems that CS cart has a Ghost currency still in there somewhere that rounds up to whole dollars and the cart treats that as the selected currency even though AUD is set to default.

If I load the cart with “?currency=AUD” at the end of the URL then the cart Finally display the correct prices without rounding them. Am I missing something here?


Settings → Checkout

You can find these options here. They are global by default, but you can make these settings individual


As can be seen in the two images below, with the store set to have a single currency of AUD, and that currency set as default, when a product page loads the store round up all prices to whole dollars and removes the dollar sign. If I post-pend “?currency=AUD” and reload the site then it displays prices as they should be displayed. This looks like a currency bug to me, I am really surprised that a 2022 version of CS cart has these sort of issues straight out of the box.



Thanks for the reply ecomlabs, I did see the global option in settings but I cannot find any option there making them individual, the fields do not show up on individual product listings. I cant imagine a circumstance where a store would apply the same quantity requirements across all products.

How can you make them individual?

It is a limitation of the free version.

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That’s what I thought, the cart has limited use without that base product pricing function and $1350 seems a lot to get back some of the basic functions of our 10 year old version of the cart. I think they may have gone in the wrong direction with this, might have been better to offer some of these types of functions as paid individual Add-ons at a sensible price so that free cart users could pick the extra functions they needed.

So you do not have the following buttons?

I have installed the free version 4.15.2 and no those buttons do not exist in Settings > Checkout.
I cant imagine there would be many stores that would have the same quantity requirements across all products this restriction seems to cripple the cart functionality.

OK after spending several hours fault checking I can confirm there is indeed a currency bug.

If a single currency is set as default with the Currency Code “AU” then the cart correctly displays the amount on product listings with its sign “$”, BUT when an order is passed through to paypal the cart incorrectly passes the currency as USD BECAUSE that is the wrong code for Australian dollars.

If a single currency is set as default with the Currency Code “AUD” then the cart incorrectly displays the amount on product listings without its sign “$” and with the price rounded to whole dollars, BUT when an order is passed through to paypal the cart correctly passes the currency as AUD BECAUSE that is the right code for Australian dollars.

I do not understand how can this has not been identified already?

Please report in the Bug Tracker forum.

Have located the problem, it relates to an Add on “Secondary currency by default” once I deleted this add on the cart shows prices with rounding up to whole dollars and passes through the currency correctly to the payment gateway.

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