CSV Inventory updating with options - possible?

Hi all,

I'll shortly be managing stock on a number of CS Cart websites which require inventory updating for products with two options, size and colour.

e.g. T-shirt white size 7, t-shirt white size 8 etc

Is this possible or is there an add-on available that does this? I've tried this by giving each variation a unique code but when I try and upload stock via spreadsheet it creates a new product rather than updating the quantity within the item.

Any help greatly appreciated as this is a major issue for me!

Thanks in advance.

When importing via csv as long as you use the same product code it shouldnt create a new product.

Can you explain in more detail or give us any screenshots etc.


Thanks for your reply John.

Its a bit embarrassing, I confused the term 'amount' as used in the product combinations sheet, for the cost of the item rather than the quantity so I was trying to use the product import to update option quantities in the quantity field.

All I needed to do was export the product combinations and then import back in the same format with different 'amount' values - simples!

I hope this helps someone else?

when i have size s,m,l inventory 10,3,0 how can expression combination option on CSV. ?

combination code amount

SIZE:S,M,L 10,3,0 ?

is it correct?