Csv Files Impossible To Upload (Photos, Products Data, ..)

I recently upgraded my PC from Windows 7 64b pro to Windows 10 64b pro.
Now I have problems importing csv files: error message about the separator.
I understand that I am not the only one; what remedy to bring?
An exemple of photo file
Version ultimate 4.9.3.SP1
Add on Cart-Power: Менеджер модулей (v1.3 - v1.4)
php version 7.0.33
db version 100141

Are you using excel to manage/save the CSV? Strongly suggest that you set the type of all columns to be text so that conversions are not done on the data. Also ensure that all column data is enclosed in double quotes ("data") and quoting double quotes in the data ("my data ""has"" double quotes in it". This should be done automatically based on the type of CSV you save the data as.