CSS help

Hi guys

I am having a issue with the store css hope someone can help me understand what is happening.

My store background is black so I needed the product text descripton to be white.

I set this in the css but now when in admin the text in the product description field is white too and I cannot see what I type as I type it.

I look at the css in action using Firebug and I noticed this

p {

color: #FFFFFF;

padding: 6px 0;


body, div, p {

color: #000000;


So while the color is correctly set to #FFFFFF (white) then there is something preventing the black (#000000) to show in the admin editing page for the product…

How can I fix this? should I create a new css tag only for the products description on the storefront pages?

I have attached a pic so you may understand better what I am referring to…

Wonder if my question is too stupid…

while trying to solve this I am wondering if I should set the basic text color using the style.base.css and then use the style.css file to set the colors I want

anyone can help with this?

There is no picture attached?

Ops…sorry did not notice it was not there

here it is


Click the icon that says HTML and you will see the raw text.

Also, I think the correct CSS tag is

body, td, pre {color: black; font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:10px; margin:8px;}

in the content.css file.

I was able to change the text color from black to red by changing the CSS.

[quote name='Triplets' timestamp='1349377237' post='146370']

Click the icon that says html and you will see the raw text.


If I click the html icon it happens the opposite, it shows the html tags (if any) present…so the initial view it is already the raw text…

that is what I am struggling with…seems like the text box of the tinymce box is inheriting the css color for p and if I set that to be white, then I cannot see my text in the product description edit box…