The team of is really perfect!

Great designs (templates) and great support.

They helped me to install and to configure the template.

The guys are really professionals!


Can I see your site?


Looks just like the default template with just a few CSS changes. I hope you didn't pay more than $40 for this template. Very basic.

I think that the default template is very different.

But i would like to suggest me some sites with not basic differents from default template.

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Looks great.

I used and it was a nightmare from start to finish

First of all the template which cost a hundred dollars was outdated code and it disabled backend functions like widget mode and completely disorganizes the website

The $35 install is a joke but a bad joke. They leave the website a mess even the links do not work anymore and instead of just getting a new template you are looking at building a whole new website and forget any help from them the only responses they give is to argue with you.

And finally the only guaranty they give is “Buyer beware” no wonder they cannot except credit cards they would have a lot of chargebacks.

In the 5 years I have done business with Cs-cart my only real complaint is they let cscarttemplates use the Cs-Cart name

One more thing if you try and just switch back to your original template It has also been changed by the cscarttemplates install and takes a long time to repair and no they do not backup your site before working on it