review :(

A few months ago I posted a good review for for work on my site www(dot)swordandaxe(dot)com

Now that CScartskins has been live since the end of January, it’s time to see how good the company is from a longterm standpoint.

In my case, I had a custom skin done back at the end of April this year. (keep in mind, that recently they put a note on the site that they no longer do custom skins).

I am easy to please and have been in the eCommerce business since 2003. I have another site that uses a cscart default skin, and one that uses a skin done by

For starters the problem I have with is that their communication is lousy. I have had Jason, the owner, tell me on numerous occasions that he did not receive my multiple e-mails. I have given him the benefit of the doubt on every occasion. But if there is not a customer service phone number, then customer service by mail must be impeccable, especially for a new company.

Second, the skin that he built for me looks fantastic on the outside. It is the backend that has problems.

The listmania function does not work at all. For those of you that have used cs-cart regularly, you know how important listmania is. My request to him is to fix the Listmania issue or refund me. He said he cannot refund me per the license agreement. He mentioned that on one of his sites, he hardcoded a banner in there and it works. That is not the point. I should not have to hard code anything into the cs-cart platform.

So I gave him my login details over two weeks ago. I then went on a 7 day vacation. When I got back, I had received nothing from him. I have e-mailed repeatedly through his e-mails and contact forms. Still nothing.

I am not saying not to buy his pre-made templates, they are probably great. But as I told him, when I bought a skin for www(dot)redhotpepperspray(dot)com from, I had one issue. Thomas sent me a .tpl file within a few hours and it was fixed.

This is what I expect from a company who sells 3rd party CS-cart products.

Maybe Jason from Cscartskins has had an illness or family emergency. So I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. But I cannot wait forever. This problem has to be fixed.

If I have to, I’ll ask Thomas from Webgraphiq if he minds looking at the issue for me.


Bryan R.


ver. 1.3.5 sp4

Hello animatedmarketing,

(Auto sensureship of my deepest thoughts)

Tell us where is your problem, you can find a member which can solve it!

Lee Li Pop

[quote name=‘animatedmarketing’]A few months ago I posted…[/QUOTE]

Move on to 2x…

[QUOTE]Darius said…

Move on to 2x…[/QUOTE]

First of all, Darius, I appreciate the excellent advice. Has it occured to you that I am using 1.3.5. sp4 for 3 sites, and am getting along just fine. What does 2.0 have to do with my problem?

[QUOTE]Lee Li Pop said…

Tell us where is your problem, you can find a member which can solve it![/QUOTE]

Lee Li Pop, thank you for an understanding response from a long-time cs-cart user. (also like the ‘deepest thoughts’ comment :slight_smile:

I created a nice little Text Ad in ‘Manage Ads’ and made that available. Then went to Listmania, created a listmania function for Ads, All Pages, Manually Set, Left Sidebox, Before Main Content, and Original.

I went into that Listmania function and added my Ad to it under Manage Listed Elements. Clicked ‘Enable for this Page.’ I then made the listmania available.

I’ve done this a bunch on my other sites, so it’s not rocket science.

It just simply does not appear.

Seems there is something missing in the backend. Obviously I realize the right hand side will not work, since I am in a 2 column skin. Just looking for some left hand ads.



I have somebody looking at it for me. Looks like there is some functionality missing from the backend. Will update soon.

CScartskins hasn’t posted in this forum since September. Hope he wasn’t kidnapped by the ‘Apple Dumpling Gang’. Ole’ Don Knotts and Tim Conway will rough him up good. :slight_smile:


Hello animatedmarketing,

[quote name=‘animatedmarketing’]I am using 1.3.5. sp4 for 3 sites[/QUOTE]

I do as you, CSC 2.x is young yet.

As Windows Vista, I’m waiting for a stable release.

More, I know perfectly CSC 1.3.5, so, I stay with it for the moment.

Lee Li Pop

Lee Li Pop,

I was just told that 2.08 is almost 100% without bugs. But I will still wait it out a bit longer.

Also, just to update, that my problem has been fixed. Thanks to Thomas from .

This is the list of items he took care of in less than one day:

  • fixed the styles.css file (deleted all white spaces which are slowing the page loading)
  • enlarged the body part to 910px and edited the background image
  • made the required fixes especially for IE6 and other browsers
  • made the top navigation menu more visible
  • fixed the emenu ( there was a mistake for the third level -and up- categories with subcat )
  • fixed the listmania issue and restored the missing functions to the main page
  • changed the track my orders and Submit e-mail address background and text color to harmonize with the design, and made a “go” button
  • changed the text buttons color (was invisible on some pages)
  • fixed the product details page (centered the image and moved correctly the text under the image)
  • fixed the HTML errors in your welcome text
  • and many other minor fixes

    I won’t mentioned what he charged me, I’ll just say it was very reasonable.

    I didn’t ask him to debug the other functions, but he fixed them anyway.

    Thank you guys for hearing out my problems. Thanks to for fixing my problems and continuing to prove who has the best long term service and quality of work.


[QUOTE]I was just told that 2.08 is almost 100% without bugs.[/QUOTE]

I would say more like 85-90% bug free

Hello animatedmarketing,

[quote name=‘animatedmarketing’]

Also, just to update, that my problem has been fixed. [SIZE=“4”]Thanks to Thomas from[/SIZE] . [/QUOTE]

Lee Li Pop

PS: Could you give us URL of your website?


Hello animatedmarketing,

Sorry, I tried for one hour.

Your website, or the web server, is maybe down for the moment…

Lee Li Pop

It loads for me in California, USA at 9:15 am Pacific time.

Even though it loaded, it did seem kind of slow.


Hello Brandon & animatedmarketing,

Yes, it’s OK now, load fast for me.

Nice Catalog!

But, where is exactly your Listmania function for Ads?

Lee Li Pop

Hello All,

To check your website “99.99% Uptime Guarantee”:


Lee Li Pop

Sorry that I have been missing in action for awhile and there is no use for me to argue or defend this issue. I could simply not meet your demands and I apologize for that.

All in all, I am glad that Thomas was able to help you out and all is situated.

Warmest regards.

Lee Li Pop,

Thanks for looking over things. The site went down for about a day, due to some dns issues on my server. Got it all straightened out. I can’t stand downtime!

Anyway, the Customer Service, Top Left tab is my only current Listmania ad that is live. But it works well.

I also have added some Papyrus font to the skin in my titles, etc. And had to have some color changes made in css to see all the text.


Not a problem. All in all, the site looks great now. And most of that is to your credit.

Just had a few things that needed to be addressed. Glad to see you’re back on the forums. Hope everything is o.k. in your world.

We eCommerce guys are impatient. As long as communication stays intact, we’re good. But if you disappear for family emergency or something, we get all upset when we need something. :slight_smile:



Lol, I fully understand because I am the same way. Yes, I agree the site does look good and still remains one of my favorite. :smiley:

Hello animatedmarketing,

I went to Webgraphiq website, and I found a RSS module I need.

I contacted Thomas for French translation of his module.

I will install in near future.

Thank you!

Lee Li Pop