For some reason, the cscart_storage_data table primary key was dropped. Now we have ended up with a table with 2051735 total rows.

I tried to manually add in the primary key and it said duplicate. This was the SQL to show what duplicates existed:
SELECT data_key, COUNT(data_key) AS count
FROM cscart_storage_data
GROUP BY data_key
HAVING COUNT(data_key) > 1;

This returned the following result:

How do I clean this table up, so that I can apply the primary key again?

As a separate question, what is this table used for? Can I just delete every row from the table and start again from scratch? Would that impact our vendors, products and orders?

Thank you!

Just wanted to bump this so hopefully someone can help me out? Thanks so much!


Please create the backup of this table, and then try to delete all the duplicated entries there. Simply replace the part SELECT ... FROM with DELETE FROM.

Judging by the values of the `data_keys’ from your screenshot, these entries are insignificant and will most likely be updated as soon as they are needed again. Also, please re-enter your license key when you are done.