Cscart_Seo_Names - Path Null Error

Database (error)

Error: Column ‘path’ cannot be null (1048)

Query: INSERT INTO cscart_seo_names (name, type, object_id, dispatch, lang_code, path, company_id) VALUES (‘1982-qpr-v-tottenham-fa-cup-final’, ‘p’, 5893, ‘’, ‘en’, NULL, 1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE name = ‘1982-qpr-v-tottenham-fa-cup-final’, type = ‘p’, object_id = 5893, dispatch = ‘’, lang_code = ‘en’, [color=#0000ff]path = NULL,[/color] company_id = 1

I think the above error is stopping me exporting my products, it allows stops at 194. After checking all the resoruce setting on the server I found this database error. Can someone tell me what this path is number is suppose to be, I notice I have a few of these empty. Can I just enter “1” or is it important.

Another thought - if a simply empty these table will they be rebuilt by the seo addon ?

Well that's interesting, I empty the table cscart_seo_names, and before I can test the export of products it's filled back up again with the same NULL values giving the errors.

Well my answer to this is if the system is producing NULL values in to “path” then the struture of the table should allow them. I've change the setting on the table field and that seems to have done the trick. Now exporting.


I had a similar issue like you had. I exported products from store A to import them to store B and when I turned on the SEO url's addon that comes standard with every CS Cart V4 webstore and a certain addon from a trusted and very valued thirdparty I ended up with errors like yours.

I more or less implemented your solution as seen below.


Can you confirm that this is exactly what you did ?




Changing the characteristic of the 'NOT NULL' field of the 'path' column in the cscart_seo_names table solved this error for us. We're running 4.4.2 and had imported a huge number of products from an old 2.x store. Google still had all the old links indexed (e.g. index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=695) and those were throwing a 503 error with the Service Unavailable message. Was doing terrible things to our SEO.