Cscart multivendor stuck on processing


I have just tried to install multivendor on an ubuntu 22.04 server with the following versions:

PHP: 8.1
mysql : 8.0.36
Apache: 2.4.52

I have access to my database via a php script I made to check the connection.

But when I launch the installation via the web interface, the popup marked processing appears but doesn’t move. No query is visible in the developer console.

and no log is displayed in apache logs or php fpm logs.

have you ever encountered this problem?

Thanks for your time

Hard to say. Start with checking /var/install.log for errors. Also, make sure your have the server set up according to the following.

Apologies for the delay; I was unwell.

There’s no indication in the install.log file, and I’ve already fulfilled all the prerequisites before proceeding with the installation. Additionally, I’ve successfully passed the requirements screen for various extensions.

It’s most likely a server issue or else more people would be having the same issue. I recently updated and installed 4.18 without issue. You may need to ask server admin.