Cscart 4.3.4 Store Import


I'm trying to upgrade my webshop from version 2.2.4 to version 4.3.4.
But the "Store Import" plugin isn't anywhere in my new fresh Cscart installation.
I thought maybe something went wrong with the installation, so i retried the installation but the plugin still isn't showing in the plugin list.
Am I missing something?
Is the store import not available for version 4.3.4?
If not, is it possible to download an older version of Cscart that has the plugin?

I have followed this link: i tried to search on the "Browse all available add-ons" tab, but it ain't showing up. (i have added some screenshots.)

I have succeeded the following steps with a webshop with version 4.2.4.

Please help me.

Thanks in regards,




You will need 4.3.2 to do the store import. That's the last version that has it available.

You can contact Help Desk and sales manager will provide you with 4.3.2 package

or you can find it here in this post a link to download in page 4

P.S. You may need to upgrade to version 2.2.5 first

P.S. You may need to upgrade to version 2.2.5 first

Note that store import supports 2.2.4 version as well.

Thanks eCom. Good to know

Thanks for the replies guys.

I've managed to get my store import plugin running on 4.3.2.