Cs-Cat Menu 2Nd Level Not Work On Ios 13.1.2

I keep getting complaints from clients that they cannot navigate properly from iphone.

The complaints were about the hamburger menu (responsive main menu) when you are trying to hit the second level menu links.

Anyone has an idea or noticed the same thing ?

using 4.9.3.SP1 version

Please check


Thank you for your reply

But the problem is that I use version 4.9.3 SP1 version (I wrote by mistake 4.10) and there is not this lines inside responvive.js.

There is neither the possibility to upgrade now because the eshop is bridged to an external software and we should have a very big preperation for this.


1.Do anyone know what is the problem at responsive.js in 4.9.3 version ?

2.They noticed that social login (register via facebook) also returns an error

Please use the following fix for old versions


You are awesome.

That was exactly the problem, now it works

You are welcome!

The fix is a little misleading. There is a line commented but not added back and also getting submenu and position already defined. Can someone confirm the correct fix? I don't have an IOS device to check.

[attachment=14025:Screenshot_2019-10-15 responsive js - cPanel File Manager v3.png]

Screenshot_2019-10-15 responsive js - cPanel File Manager v3.png

Please use the following code
linenumber:386 find
$(document).on('touchstart', function(e) {
$(document).on('click,touchstart', function(e) {