CS-Cart with MySQL Server 5 error

I’m using:

OS: W2K3 Server

PHP 5.2 build 3790


Server version: 5.0.16-nt

MySQL client version: 4.1.7

When I config my payment method (paypal), I receive a error message:

[QUOTE]Database error: 1264 : Out of range value adjusted for column ‘membership_id’ at row 1

Invalid query: UPDATE cscart_payments SET position=‘10’, processor_id=‘4’, membership_id=‘’, protocol=‘http’, avail=‘Y’, p_surcharge=‘0.000’, a_surcharge=‘0.000’, script=‘payment_cc.php’, template=‘cc_outside.tpl’ WHERE payment_id=‘1’[/QUOTE]

Please help me


Its a bug in version 5.

Here is a workaround


[QUOTE]Login to the Mysql shell and give the following command.


Voila. That fixes your problem.


Our just uncomment this line in CS-Cart “config.php” script:

//define('MYSQL5', true);