CS-Cart Version 4.16.2 Released


We have released CS-Cart Store Builder and Multi-Vendor On-Premises 4.16.2. Find out more about what it includes in our blog:

As always, it will take a couple of weeks before the upgrades become available to everyone. Until then, upgrades be available in small numbers, on the “first downloaded, first upgraded” basis. So if you don’t see the upgrade in the Upgrade Center, it might be worth checking again in a few days.

P.S. This new version hasn’t been rolled out to Multi-Vendor No-Code yet. But because we handle all upgrades for Multi-Vendor No-Code, you’ll just find these features in your cloud marketplaces one day :slight_smile:


Good news!

Which version of PHP is now stable on 4.16.2?

Thank you!

When I updated 4.16.1 - 4.16.2, I couldn’t open the store again. Restore from backups is not possible. I was able to fix the store by installing the latest from the server. This update is problematic.

The PHP 8.0 is supported starting from Multi-Vendor/CS-Cart 4.15.1, though PHP 7 is still perfectly fine.
Higher PHP versions do work, but they’re unstable - we recently tried setting up a store using PHP 8.2 and we were experiencing a lot of errors.

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Yes, PHP 8.2 isn’t supported or recommended yet. In version 4.16.1, we first addressed the support of PHP 8.1. Hopefully, it CS-Cart 4.17.1 we’ll be able to call 8.1 a recommended version, and we’ll be able to address 8.2. later on.

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As far as I know, we haven’t encountered such issues during the upgrade testing (if we had, we wouldn’t have released 4.16.2 until that was fixed). So the issue might be specific to your store or server configuration. That’s something that our Customer Care could troubleshoot.

If there are any problems with upgrades, please contact Customer Care via https://helpdesk.cs-cart.com/

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When do you think 4.17.1 will be available?

Do you need any kind of specific functionality to be released in 4.17.1?
The jump between 4.15.1 and 4.16.1 took over half a year, so I think there’s still a lot of time left for 4.17.1 development.

I need only one thing the ability to use the current version of PHP so 8.1 or 8.2 even better…

We release versions like 4.16, 4.17, etc. about 2 times a year. This puts 4.17 somewhere in May - July. Can confirm that PHP 8.1 is being worked on as part of 4.17.1. And PHP 8.2 is planned for 4.18.1 (even though further versions are harder for me to predict).

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Thank you for the quick update!

I will not upgrade to 4.16 and I will wait till 4.17 is available.

Speed is an issue that needs to be improved, so mobile is preferred.

Is there a way to reduce css and js, load only the necessary things, if possible, load the css and js according to the html structure of the page to be displayed, it is not recommended to load the entire css for a page only the basic rendering method copy

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My update for 4.16.2 showed up around the day it was announced, then disappeared and has not come back, was it pulled?

Have you tried refreshing upgrades? you can do this using the button “Refresh available upgrades” under the rack in Upgrade Center.

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It could be that someone else downloaded it in the meantime.

Yes have tried that, it was there initially but now gone.

No one else downloaded it. The option is gone from available upgrades.

By “someone else” I meant other CS-Cart owners. We initially provide upgrades in small batches. It means you and any other store owners might see the upgrade in the Upgrade Center at some point. But if all upgrades are downloaded, the offer to upgrade disappears until the next batch is available.

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Can we update Redactor2 editor to RedactorX, it looks smoother.