Cs Cart Version 2X Simple Admin Manager Of Advertise Manager

Hello guys,

I have to build a admin panel manager in version 2x, it will be simple addon where admin can add, advertise details in the admin with add/edit/listing feature and it will be shown on the front end any pages.

Can you help me out how can i achieve this? by addon or something? if addon then please tell me how. because i am new to this open source. So dont know in particular about addon development. if you tell me in brief, i think i can do this.

Thank you

Dear Thomas,

Could you please give more details.

As we understand you may do it with the help of banners.

If it is not suitable for you, please give another explanation of the add-on you need.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Yes, i can explain it.

I want a page in my cs cart v2 front end to be called “Find Teacher near you”. When customer or guest click on that link,

a list will be shown and a drop down of USA state will be there. If i select “Ohio” from the drop down then the following list comes up.

Selected state : Ohio

for example :

Name Email Contact

1 ) john doe test@mail.com (Send Email button)

2) Jhonas Willy test2@mail.com (Send Email button)

So please help me how i can achieve this using admin and front end. I suppose i have to build an add-on on version 2.2

But i don't know how to.

Thank you

Please check the following article (check version 2.x. on the top of the page)

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

You can use this module for your feature. It works similar but not exactly how you described.