CS-Cart Version 1.3.2 released!

Dear CS-Cart users,

We’re pleased to announce the release of the all new and improved CS-Cart v1.3.2!

Below find a list of additions to CS-Cart that are included with this release as an addition to all the available features:

  • Discounts/coupons

    Discounts are now available globally, by category, by products, or by user.

  • Customizable Form Builder (ie. Contact us, Request a quote, etc.)

  • Option to add unlimited amount of forms for vairous uses, with unlimited form options: text, radio, checkbox, country, state, email, header(simple text) and delimiter.

  • Product options forbidden combinations (exceptions)

  • Ability to define the product options or option combinations that are not available.

  • New payment gateways

    LinkPoint, YourPay, and ProxyPay3 have been added to the list of payment gateways supported by CS-Cart.

  • New template set

    The following 4 new professional skin themes have been added to the collection to choose from: cosmetics, furntiture, books and utensils.

  • New shippings features

    Shipping markup feature has been added to CS-Cart.

  • Drop-down manufacturers

    The ability to select the manufacturers by a drop down list.

  • Title setting

    You now have the ability to set your site title.

  • Installation improvements

    You now have the ability to install your cart with different languages, as a demo catalog or a regular store.

  • Flash animation support

    You now have the ability to upload flash animation files for the products, categories, ads, etc…

  • Extended product search

    You can search the products by any words in your query, all words and exact phrase

  • HTML 4.0 Transitional complied code

    Optimized HTML structure increases your search engines ranking

  • Drop-down menu in the administrator back-end

    The option to exchange side boxes menus in the admin back-end with the java-based drop down menu.

    CS-Cart team