CS-Cart v2.0.5 - Graphic Banners NOT WORKING!

I’m trying to make some graphic banners, I created them on banners secction and then created a block for my new banner:

first issue: after uploading an image with the banner utility it doesn’t show the preview, the file is uploaded though.

I have tried several folder permissions thinking that was causing the problem, but not, any Graphic banner just don’t work, it leaves a white space but no content.

I have another folder in the same server with cs-cart 1.3.5 and it works all without problems, so it’s not a server problem.

Maybe some guru here can have a solution? Any help will be much appreciated

Getting frustrated with issue after issue with this version.

I just created a graphic banner in 2.0.5 without any problem. Nor did I have the problem with missing preview of the uploaded file. I would guess that resolving the missing preview will also resolve the banner issue.


@jobosales, thanks.

Problem solved, the solution in my particular case was my Flash drivers were corrupted.

Why are you using graphic banner. Use text type which has text and all graphic features with editor. “Text” banner name should be replaces by “Text+Graphic” :stuck_out_tongue: