CS CART v2.0.4

Access key to temporarily closed store. Use: [url]http://www.company.com/index.php?store_access_key=key_value[/url].

This doesnt seem to work for me, i have to constantly change the store_closed.html to index.html and change the php file to another name in order for me to display that the site is temporarily closed. I dont want to do this all the time and this fuctionality should work…

i do have something under Admin, Settings, General, access key section, specifically 2121.

Additionally can anyone please advise how i can change my license key, i am still building the store up, and havent purchased a license as of yet…i installed v2.0.4 with an older license i am yet to go live with…



Based on the date you joined in cs-cart, you are free to upgrade the system for the life time!

temporarily closed store function doesn’t work on 2.0.4 version. How we can solve it?


You have to put a key on administrator page. (admin.php?dispatch=settings.manage)

Key Example : mykey

After, go to the link : http://www.company.com/index.php?sto…_key=mykey

[quote name=‘joe’]Based on the date you joined in cs-cart, you are free to upgrade the system for the life time![/QUOTE]

I doubt that…

Effective June 16, 2008 CS-Cart came up with a new policy. Basically anyone that purchased the cart system before June 16, 2008 will get free lifetime upgrades and if you purchased the cart on June 16, 2008 or after you only get free upgrades for one year.

Sraza became a member of the community in December 2007 so I would guess that he falls into the free upgrades for life, but I could be wrong.


ID10T issue, i didnt notice that by just putting in the store access key that the store would auto close, the link at the bottom right to close the store is how it works…doh!


so its working as intended.