CS Cart Ultimate vs Multi-VEndor Unlim question

Taking over IT responsibilities for a company using CS-Cart. This company is a single store that sells uniforms. The customer base is public safety organizations. Each PSO has its own storefront but there is no need for multiple vendors.

The company currently runs CS-Cart Ultimate and purchased the lifetime license for Multi-Vendor Unlim in the summer, but it has not yet been used. Their website is still using the previous license. Did they purchase the wrong license, or do both licenses look and work the same? I don’t want them to upgrade and have to learn a new system.


These are different products, however Multi-Vendor can be used similarly to Store Builder if you’re using the concept where vendors equate to storefronts or simply extend them.

Okay, thanks for the confirmation. I was afraid that was the answer. I’ve updated a help desk ticket to hopefully get the license changed to what is actually needed.