CS Cart Ultimate. How to get site number 2 working?

We bought the CS Cart software a few weeks ago after a successful trial. We went for the ultimate version as we plan multiple online shops for different makes of cars.

We already have an online shop running off interspire…


We now have a dedicated Vauxhall parts website running off CS Cart


Now we have bought a new domain for a Ford parts site but we are struggling to get the new site to appear on the domain. Do we need to install the software again on the cpanel of the new url?

When I created a new store on the admin panel, it asked me for the url so i put in the new stores url that I had purchased. Now we just get the following screen


What are we doing wrong? Any help appreciated.

Not sure this will help you

[url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

First of all, ensure your new domain resolves to the correct hosting area (ie. configure DNS settings at your domain registrar to match those of the existing sites). In cPanel, create a new Addon Domain, but set the document root as ‘public_html/’ - then add the new store in CS-Cart. Simples.

I’ll admit it had be stumped when Ultimate RC1 was released but from then on, it’s as easy as pie to add another store, remove a store, collate stores into a single store, etc.

SPOILER: If you make a mess of adding the Addon Domain, such as spelling the domain name incorrectly, but you have set the document root as ‘public_html/’ - do NOT use the cPanel ‘Delete’ button to remove the incorrect addon domain. Don’t ask me how I know… :neutral: