CS-Cart Transfer Problems

So installed cs-cart and then had domain host try and transfer milezone.com back to domain host (coming from shopify). But he keeps getting errors. Here is what he says…

I moved the files and made the changes outlined by CS-Cart to change the site URL. All I see is a red ‘Service Unavailable’ message. Nothing I do makes that message go away so I was wondering if you had any CS cart tricks you know to investigate why its failing to load.
I updated the http and https:// URL in the config file to the normal URL. I then cleared the cache directory. When I visit the site I see the error in the attached screenshot. I enabled debug mode but it will still only show that error.

I am trying cs-cart again, but getting help seems so hard. So my last effort to see if anyone can help.

To understand the error behind “Service Unavailable” please check the source code of the page, might be a database connection issue or php version mismatch or many more :smiley:

Please check How To: Move Your Store to Another Server — CS-Cart 4.17.x documentation

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The domain works for me. Have you managed to fix the issue? What was the reason?

Yes its fixed, my host figured it out. Now if I can only get this crazy paypal to work.


I assume you’re using CS-Cart Store Builder. If you’re setting up PayPal, I recommend going to Add-ons > Downloaded add-ons and making sure that PayPal Checkout is installed and active. It’s the most up-to-date PayPal solution.

Then you can go to Administration > Payment methods. When you create a payment method, you’ll see PayPal Checkout in the “Processor” drop-down list. Then on the “Configure” tab, you’ll see what information CS-Cart needs from your PayPal dashboard, and what information you should enter there when creating an app.

In a month or so, we should release CS-Cart 4.18.1. It will improve our PayPal Checkout integration by adding some payment options (such as Venmo, PayPal Pay Later, giropay, SEPA, etc.). By that time, PayPal Checkout will become the default recommended PayPal solution, and we should also have more info in our documentation.