Cs-Cart To Magento Migration

Hello eveyone!

I've owned my store on CS-Cart for about 2 years. It's up to more than 10000 entities. First, everything was perfect, but recently, it hasn't worked well and smoothly. I was adviced to move it to Magento.

Has anyone tried this idea? I'm confused about it. And in case I decicde to migrate it to Magento, are there any migration tools supporting me? Or I have to code it on my own? Please help me. Thank you in advance.


please contact “cart 2 cart” on CS-Cart marketplace

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WSA team

It sounds like bad advise to me. If “entities” are products, there are many of us that have hundreds of thousand of products without issue. Maybe your server was updated and not compatible with CSC or maybe you had a bad CSC update? You would most likely save a ton of money paying someone to fix what you already have instead of moving to Magento.

magento us to robust,complex to use and expensive. maybe the tool has right… you should consider some investigation or server upgrade to some latest trends found on blog.cs-cart.com oelr move your store under folder then reimport into clean installation using store in poo rt. you xan find some articles in the cs cart knowledge base

As far as I know, Alt-team works with Magento. Hope they can help you

You can go to this place to find out the way to emigrate CS-cart to Magento compeletely: M[font=arial, sans, sans-serif][size=2]agento tutorials for beginners [/size][/font]However please make a back up before doing this task. If there is any conflict, you can easily back up your store.

I know some people who put 10.000's of dollars and months of development into moving to Magento, only to come back to cs-cart because they absolutely hated Magento - it can be a bottomless pit development wise. Why don't you just find out why your cs-cart is not running smooth anymore. That seems like the much easier, faster, and cheaper solution.

Maybe you just need a better server. You will need that anyway, if you move to Magento.