Cs-Cart Support For English Forum Posts

I find this interesting.

If you look through the posts in the forum, the cs-cart support team seems to respond to Russian posts very quickly. They also seem to provide free support and code modifications directly in the forum for these Russian posters.

I almost never see the cs-cart support team provide free code modifications and suggestions for the English posts in the forums.

I understand this is probably because of the language barrier. It would be nice if cs-cart hired more English speaking employees and provided equal support in the forums.

Must be cos the price of Oil is down…times are hard and friends are few ! :mrgreen:

I have also noticed this. It goes even further, in one of the recent Russian posts there´s a discussion about license costs for next year given that the ruble is down so much. Let´s hope CS-Cart does not start giving different prices to Russian versus foreigners.

And the developers answer questions there at all hours of the day and night. If you're lucky enough to be able to read/write Russian, this becomes a much more valuable forum. Especially for 3rd party developers.