CS-Cart software (1.3.5) full release date!

I dont know how correct this is but i have just today had word from Yuri Filoenko, CS-Cart’s Project Manager that the next version of CS-Cart software (1.3.5) is going to be released fully within 2 weeks.

Unfortunately he cannot provide me with a more precise date at this moment.

I only got this information because i required a template mod and was advised it may be better to wait a little.


Rejoice. I’ve being waiting ages to do my mods

they will probably release it when people stop coming up with bugs :wink:

great news!!!

Hate to be an ar*ehole but I’m willing to guess that it’s going to be at least another 4 weeks to final build.

Yer yourmore than likely correct in stating that.

Will upgrading to 1.3.5 mean that my theme and template will change or get jumbled up?

You will need to reapply any changes you’ve made to .tpl and .css files.