cs-cart so so slow for big site. why?

hello everyone.

i purchase two cs-cart license ,ultimate and multi vendor 3.0.6

i'm suffering for 6 month for speed issue.

finally i figureo out cs-cart is not good at huge category, huge product q'ty.

(server 3.4 4CORE(MAXIMING 8CORE) , 8GB/RAM ,128 SSD) server setting is best

but cs-cart does not acept cache at frist loading —becouse of template.

so when you acces first time must be slow. can not custmize that cuz of template.

but possible to custimze but needs a lot of money.

cs-cart always say no problem for big shopping mall. i think they custmize themself.

cuz i tested two solution and tested from best programer.

they said always same.

so i look around a lot of site and i found very similur site of cs-cart


take a look. frontpage a lot of image , a lot of categories, a lot of product.

i can not belive this ----this site fastest but very same with cs-cart.

i heard that is zencart. i think maybe they custmized them self too. --i'm not sure.

-------------- cs-cart need a lot of memory of server , and good server spec.

--------------cs-cart needs template so that can not use cache at first access.

cache possible to use but i'm talking first time loading.

------------- IE8 > IE10 > IE 9 SPEED ISSUE.

------------- CS-CART is for a wide user not for you fixed.(needs a lot of cost to fix for only you)

-------------somebody tell you combine(css,script,etc) “yes help you 0.1~~0.2second only(i tested)

-------------somebody tell you “”“your server is not good”” ===stupid. all depend on website optimized.

if shopping mall source is good, even 1core is good. but i;m not talking about 1 core server.

i'm talking about middle. NORMAL SPEC OF SERVER

-------------somebody tell you “”“fix your code blabla”" ==== most crazy , cs-cart user is manager or ceo

they are not programer. why they suffer for fix code? all user is programer? so i;m wrong.

test that site and let's share of idea to fix main issue.

if your site is slow -------google let you down of serch result

More features, more categories, more products will always result in a slower site and will thus need faster servers and more memory. It's like this with just about all shopping carts, which are simply resource intensive. Try Magento, and your website will probably slow down even more.

How many products, categories, features, etc do you have?

Server settings can surely slow down cs-cart a lot, so if that's not a crazy amount you should have an expert look at your settings.

yes flow you are absolutely right. that's why i mentioned ““they customized themself “”

i already tested it with cs-cart for small category and small product ----------looks good.

how many person will success with small shopping mall? i think it's very few.

good shopping mall is for good for wide user. and i never seen who talk to me exactly solution for speed.

Nobody talk to me about speed things. cs-cart answer “” our cs-cart many of huge company works well so far””

it's them not me. May they does it them self with cost. i wish at least some source analyse chart which i hire programmer.

they took a lot of time only for analyse. and also has problem later to get update.

example) for my cache issue ------cs-cart is making cache when you first access, then use cache when you load again.

i hope cs-cart has some of list or structure instrument. because cs-cart can not take of all cs-cart user.

most of people want they own feature, when i asked to cs-cart team, it cost a lot. i asked to some task, most of project

expensive then other company. 2~~5 times. but very hard to fix cuz cs-cart use template.

so how can normal user can manage this. if you have a lot of money. well i have no question for this.

Nobody can say solution for user's voice or problem at once.

------------so i just hope cs-cart user (i think) they has programmer they country, so i wish cs-cart some source structure instructions, or manual.

so solve user problem quickly.

thanks for your reply

I'm not really following everything you're saying, but you could have the fastest individual server components available on the market and your server could still provide terrible performance - it isn't all just about the hardware.

Have you considered using SmartOptimizer? See my signature link.

[attachment=6523:_20130228_201801.jpg]yes i saw your smartoptimizer. ok i will do test it and let you know by 1th march.

for tip ( my server now take care all query within 0.2 second) performence also very nice.

and my server is 3.4 4core(maximum 8core possilbe) ,8GB/RAM 128 SSD. DEDICATE SERVER



It may also be worthwhile to look into LiteSpeed Web Server, Varnish, sprites, sphinx search, asynchronous loading of external elements / javascripts, and take a good look at offshite elements that increase page load.

p_pharma thanks for your reply. actually many people confuse for website score and loading speed.

yes defiantly affect for site speed like combine scripts and etc. but that is very very weak.

fact of loading speed is (original source) concern with CACHE SYSTEM. and netwrok and server spec .

that's why i ask about this

i found out ------------my site no slow query no loading

3200 category , 12 lanauge , 70,000 product -----------------now all frontpageloading 0.2 seocnd.

i solve with 600 us$ for setting server. was very hard time for 6 month to figure out cs-cart system…



What have you changed?


server setting. withbest. cuz cs-cart user has own environment. so you have good server manager.

also cs-cart is not good at cache system now—need to fix.

((((((((css combine script etc----does not need)))))) —> this is very small affection. for speed.

I think most of your issues are related to your having 12 active languages. Even if not used, you are caching 12X the data (one instance for each language), hence you are severely increasing the volume of data you are caching.

If possible, reduce the number of active languages. This will help the customer side, but the admin side will still need to write 12 times when updating data.

thanks so much TBIRNSETH.

lanague also affect for this issue but main problem is other.

also does not need to updating data 12 times. cuz it registed at first time with same languge. so we can use CSV simply. with other lanauge update data. this is no problem atall.

also i have 12 lanauge now. but on storefont takes 0.2 second now to open. 31000 category 70,000 product now…

no problem at all --------- only problem was cache system. i fixing it now. so will be best i think.

all page takes speed within 0.5 second.

i will inform you later.

thanks so much for your reply

[quote]lanague also affect for this issue but main problem is other.[/quote]

You know you can set locations in CS-Cart, and male a language say Spanish, available to just South America and Spain. This WILL reduce your language overhead. And I know you say after first page cashing this and that, BUT it still needs to flow into the web page after being served up from the server regardless.

I am not sure about version 3 yet, but Smart Optimizer really speeded up version 2.1.2 for me on 2 sites.

Also I had to upgrade my MySQL container to more RAM to allow the speed to really improve. It is not just the server and the web files and scripts, also the database bandwidth and speed and RAM.

Also watch your images. It can slow big time if you have big previews and the extra pop up detail images. Keep it tight by using smaller previews with products cut out to white backgrounds, and drop the extra pop up detail images, just have the one 300 x 300 pix for example.

thanks your reply audionotekits

i naver use popup. my storefront is 1.2MB. also i tested as i mentioned with 12 lanaguge and small category.

VERY FAST. then incresse category going to slow. so i try to make cache system with BEST ONE APC.

but smarty 2 does not support apc cache yet. also very hard to make.

Anyway, how do you fixed your cache? do you want to share?

i did not. i just use e accelator . that block to be worst site barely.

and hang on with good dedicated server spec.

absolutely need apc cached like me a lot of category 3300 ,13 lanauge. and 50,000 product