CS-Cart skins custom skin review

I had Jason, from www.cscartskins.com fix me up on a custom Sword skin for my sword site. He did a fantastic job and the price was very reasonable! This is my 3rd cs-cart site but my first time using CSCartskins for a customization.

I couldn’t have asked for better communication, graphic design, and just great service!

I am very pleased and will be using him again very soon on some other projects. In fact, I’m already drumming up some ideas for my next project as we speak.

The site is www(.)swordandaxe(.)com

Thanks again Jason!

Bryan R.

Animated Marketing

Hi, really nice work.

A little problem, ajax “add to cart” won’t update the left side cart quantity.

A cross domain ajax call may cause you this big problem!

I really think your products would benefit from Lightbox


It did eventually show up in the Ajax add to cart function, but not initially. I forgot I still had AJAX add to cart turned on. I hate this function anyway.

It is off now, and it is working fine.

This is not a problem with the skin, I don’t think, because I had the same issue with my Brickwork yellow green skin on another site.


Lightbox may be a good option. I am still testing thumbnail sizes, and product page images. So hopefully I get a good finished look soon.


Bryan R.