CS-Cart - SEO

SE’s follow internal links as well as semantic analysis of your content. I have not had any problems with my site being indexed.

I have 1200 pages indexed on google from my CS-Cart store, so definatly no issues there !

[URL=“site:www.car-audio-accessories.co.uk - Google Search”]site:www.car-audio-accessories.co.uk[/URL] - Google Search

I’ve got a few 100, it takes time for google to come back and gather more pages, from my limited SEO knowledge it’s usually a technique to defer link-farms and other blackhat routines. Just give google a month to come back, and develop your product line up.

That site uses javascript category menu and it will hinder the search engines to crawl all pages properly. And depending how long the site has been online it takes a while to index, since it only points to the categories properly in the sitemap.