Cs-Cart Seo Add-On Problem


I'm trying to change the attributes of the SEO URL formats from /category-name/[subcategory-name]product-name to /product-name.html but for some reason when I click Save it's displaying a Service Unavailable Red banner, can you please help me figure out why it won't save my changes?

I did recently purchase the CS-Cart SEO Ultimate Add-on, which I installed successfully and was double checked by CS-Cart Rocks.com specialist, which found working perfectly. Please let me know why I can't save the changes to the SEO add-on that comes with the CS-Cart?


Here is the error from the administration > Logs file.

[color=#333333]Database (error)[/color]

Error:[color=#333333] [/color][color=#333333]Column 'path' cannot be null (1048)[/color]

Query:[color=#333333] [/color][color=#333333]INSERT INTO cscart_seo_names (name, type, object_id, dispatch, lang_code, path, company_id) VALUES ('toshiba-32tl515u-32-class-1080p-3d-led-hd-tv', 'p', 8, '', 'en', NULL, 1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE name = 'toshiba-32tl515u-32-class-1080p-3d-led-hd-tv', type = 'p', object_id = 8, dispatch = '', lang_code = 'en', path = NULL, company_id = 1[/color][color=#333333]


adminroot.php (fn_dispatch): 27

app/functions/fn.control.php (fn_run_controller): 370

app/functions/fn.control.php (include): 587

app/controllers/backend/addons.php (fn_update_addon): 27

app/functions/fn.addons.php (updateValueById): 37

app/Tygh/Settings.php (fn_settings_actions_addons_seo_seo_product_type): 895

app/addons/seo/schemas/settings/actions.functions.post.php (fn_seo_settings_update): 53

app/addons/seo/schemas/settings/actions.functions.post.php (fn_create_seo_name): 112

app/addons/seo/func.php (db_query): 205

app/functions/fn.database.php (call_user_func_array): 130

app/Tygh/Database.php (query): 333[/color]



Suggest you contact the vendor you purchased the SEO Ultimate addon from to get their support.

Would anyone know why the INSERT Query shows toshiba-32tl515u-32-class-1080p-3d-led-hd-tv, this item was from the basic layout and basic item setup that was deleted previously?

Because that's the seo name associated with product_I'd 8. Might be that someone deleted products, but not completely/properly.

Is there a way to fully delete it?

I search for the item but it's nowhere to be found, perhaps that's the cause of the error.

Bring up any product detail page. Then change the “&product_id=xxx” to “&product_id=8” where “xxx” is the product_id of a product that is valid in your cart. At least then you'll be able to see what product this is associated with.

I'm guessing you're not comfortable doing this with phpMyAdmin which is why I'm recommending the above.

Got it fixed. I just deleted the products from the database using phpMyAdmin.